Negative is a myth

Each day I am learning more and more and listening more and more to the people around me who have lived more life than I have and have learned more lessons than I have learned. I am beginning to feel uncomfortable with the word negative and the connotations associated with it. Negative events fill our daily life and can never be removed and only can be limited so much. But these events that we term negative, are they really negative at all? Or do we just look down upon certain outcomes due to societal expectations? I can honestly say that not a single event has happened in my life that I cannot look back on and think about the absolutely valuable lesson that I learned from it and how positively it contributed to the man I have become today and the potential that I have for the future. In complete congruence with the fact that at the time everyone, including myself at times, would have deemed such an event as negative or a failure. Really all these events were God sends. Powerful lessons sent to us by the eternal energy that governs us and guides us towards higher levels of understanding and living. I am eternal grateful of every event and occurrence. Negative is becoming more myth than reality. That’s the life I love.


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