Today I was blessed to finally be able to have breakfast with my mentor, Hugo Perez. What an amazing conversation. He was able to articulate through his anecdotal experiences a lot of things i have been told and learned through reading but have not been able to see in practice yet. Through his story I was able to evaluate gain such valuable insight into a path similar to the one I would like my life to walk through and be able to see where I am excelling, where I am improving, and where I need to make adjustments. He provided such clarity at no true benefit to himself. Simply because he wants to help me and see me succeed. Such a great man. We need more people who share his same caring and sentiment for those around him. I will be sure no matter where my life takes me I always take that lesson with me. No matter who you are or how recognized you are for your accomplished you are never too big to take time to spend on helping those who are just seeking guidance in this crazy confusing world.


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