Highs getting higher, Lows getting Higher

The more life I have lived the more it has amazed me. Throughout my teenage years I would go through very dramatic highs and lows emotionally. The highs were very transient while the lows always seemed like an uphill battle to get out of. The more I have grown and matured, the more that I have surrounded myself with amazing and inspiring people I have been much more able to weather the lows and sustain/amplify the highs. With that my appreciation for the lows have increased as well. I have grown to understand and appreciate the purpose behind my struggles and learn the lessons that accompany those challenges much quicker than I did before and at a level that helps prevent me from having to learn those lessons again.

I truly appreciate and admire all the people who have been influencers in my life. They have all contributed to the man I am today. I feel my self asymptotically reaching my potential each and every day. The once insecure undersized kid who felt like he had to fight and scrap for everything he had is now growing to a strong confident man ready to take on the world.

I don’t like to say God because that usually indicates some sort of denominational allegiance which I do not have, but I do believe there is a great positive life force that has guided me through my rough times and my good times. This force is with me as remain present in the moment and absorb the current timeless aspect of life that only gets belittled by words. The indescribable beauty, for lack of a better word, that consumes you when you don’t think about work, bills, your future, or your past but are simply resent. Living every moment not concerned about any other moments.

This is my life now and this is my life that I love.


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